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CG Hardware Store is a new player in the market. But, it doesn’t mean that we are not capable of providing you the best products and services in Brooklyn, NY. We are proud to announce that our company is considered a good glass hardware supplier for glass company that can provide high-quality products that are affordable, durable, and flexible. With the materials we have, your residential or commercial space will never lose its value as we make sure that every supply we sell can meet your standards in terms of quality. This kind of glass used for freestanding sunrooms in Seattle by our friends LGL Company. You can never save on the quality of glass because that’s the most important thing in sunrooms.

Clients choose us for plenty of good reasons and one of them is the affordability of our products.

Why Crystallia Glass is better than other competitors in the market

We are number 1 in terms of pricing

We are proud to say that our products are priced lower than our competitors in the market. You can visit our website and compare the prices we have with your other options. We guarantee that our competitive pricing is reflective in our system so you don’t have to go through the hassle of searching for items that are cheaper. Our company makes sure that despite the affordability of our products, the quality is not compromised.

We offer free delivery in 50 states

Another reason why Crystallia Glass is earning client praises online is because of our ability to shoulder free delivery in 50 states. We want to add extra efforts in giving our clients what they deserve. We want to make sure that you will receive the items in good condition, that’s why we partner up with good people who can deliver the products to you door-to-door. This also adds up to the affordability of our products and services because you don’t have to add shipping fees on top of the price of the product you want to order.

We offer different glass hardware supplies

Our company doesn’t just focus on glasses. We also have hand brakes, door kits, posts, railing kits, and other glass hardware that you need for your home and office. We wanted to make sure that you get all the supplies you need for your glassy space without contacting another supplier. We are trying our best to provide you everything that you need for your home improvement. In case you don’t find the product you are looking for on our website, you can ask our customer representative and we will answer you with full transparency.

Our website is updated for new and sale items

We list all our products on our website so that you can gain access to the available supplies we have. Our items and prices are regularly updated. We post new items as well so to keep you updated with the new products we have. From time to time, we give discounts to our clients and flash them through sale items. You may browse our website for sale glass supplies from which you can get up to a 20% discount regardless if you are a new or old customer.

We accept different payment methods

Because we want more flexibility, we offer different payment methods to our clients offline and online. We accept payments via PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, JCB, and Diners Club International. Our website is capable of accepting online payments. It’s easier for you to avail of our affordable products and free shipping if you will head to our website for checkout. Not every player in the glass hardware industry is capable of accepting a variety of payment methods. But as a new player, we want to be flexible and give you the easiest way to pay while you shop.

Our business is operating online and offline Our head office is located at 132 32nd Street, Suite 205, Brooklyn, NY. We established our own office so we can cater to our clients offline and online. Our website can be accessed through in case you want to browse our latest products or order online. Our edge among our competitors is our capability to operate online and offline. If you are still hesitant to make transactions on the internet, you can call us so we can assist you personally regarding your needs. Our office is one call away!