Sunroom Ideas

Lattice cladding

The variant is suitable for both indoor and outdoor sunrooms. With this finish, it is not difficult to create a romantic countryside, which is so appropriate for the sunroom but also to make a beautiful minimalistic finish.

Clinker in loft style

Gray decorative brick is the right thing for the sunroom in an urban style. It will look especially good with panoramic glazing and low window sill. Contractors often use clinkers for freestanding sunrooms in Seattle and Washington State.

Laminate on the wall

One of last year’s fashion trends is laminate or parquet board on the wall. For those who are not yet daring to implement this technique in the living room, experimenting with the finishing of the sunroom is a great solution.

Covering with a soft panel

Sometimes in order to make a nontrivial place of rest in the sunroom is enough to disassemble the chair and place it on the wall part of his back. Add decor and your sunroom will surely look in a new way.

Wooden moldings and carpeting

One more solution for the sunroom of a city apartment. If for some reason it was not possible to combine it with a living room, you should organize a relaxation zone there. Soft swings, decorated with cushions, and unobtrusive, but stylish wall decoration with wooden moldings, and carpeting on the floor, will help in this.

Other Attractive Ideas

Figured metal lattice

Surely many of us remember the USA past and the 90s, in which the windows of the first floors were necessarily protected by metal grilles. We suggest using this idea for an unusual decoration of the sunroom.

Glossy Tile

We are used to seeing such finishing in the bathroom and kitchen apron, but not in the sunroom Breaking stereotypes – finishing with glossy tiles can be useful. Thanks to the reflective surface of the room visually seems a little more, and the walls attract attention.

Decorative white brick

Whiting is a trend of spring 2020. Intentional carelessness in the plastering of walls, whitewashed carpets, as if lying a decade in the attic, and walls made of artificial brick with an imitation of the remains of plaster and putty. Such elements add vintage chic and romanticism to the interior.


If you make panoramic glazing in the sunroom about the original finish will not have to think.

Garden Decking

Laying the floor with the flooring, which is usually used for garden paths, is a practical solution for open sunrooms. Such flooring is pleasant to walk even barefoot, and it is wear-resistant and durable.